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OPTISORT ST580 Inspection Systems for high speed

OTST 580 connected with packaging

OTST 580 vision 2 top cameras 3 shaft cameras

GEFRA – Made in Germany

Since 1995, the GEFRA Company is developing and manufacturing inspection systems for automotiv and aircraft fasteners and other bulk products. Driven by the steadily increasing demands to the flexibility and performance of the control systems, the GEFRA Company is continuously working on the further development of their technologies in both, hardware and software.

The new generation of the control system OPTISORT comes with up to ten image acquisition stations including all together up to 16 cameras. 

Especially the OTST - line for screw inspection is very successful in the fastener marked worldwide.

The well known customer are fascinated about the big range of parts and the capacity which they are able to run on this machine. More than 350 systems on the site of many famous national and international fastener manufacturers and also sorting companies are speaking in the GEFRA Company’s favor.

Until end of 2018 the speed of the machines was up to 1.800 ppm,but since 2019 OPTISORT break the sound barrier with more than 2.000 parts per minute running continiusly at the customer facility.

The inspection system with 3 pc shaft camera and 2 pc top camera is measuring the thread, head diameter and length on the screw. The 3 shaft cameras are also inspecting for bended parts without stopping and turning the parts.

Many of the sorting machines today will connected with a packaging machine. The GEFRA solution alowes that OPTISORT don`t stop sorting during the packaging is closing the bag. The sorting is running continiusly and buffer the parts in the meanwhile, to earn more capacity.

The ergonomics and reproducibility for measuring and controls using reflected light technologies were improved by the new motorized positioning systems for the illuminations.
Adjustable by the use of sliders inside the program window of GEFRA’s in-house software AUTOCONTROL, the optimal light position can be directly evaluated on screen. The position is automatically stored and can be restored during loading the program.

High Tech – Easy to use
GEFRA OPTISORT systems offer a wide range of state-of-the-art applications for measuring dimensions on fasteners like washers, nuts, screws, springs, bolts etc.
Using different imaging and illumination technologies, complex geometric measurements, inspections for damages like scratches, dents, points of impact, cracks, errors in color and surface coatings and much more can be realized.