Optical Inspection Systems

OPTISORT test systems are individually equipped with the necessary equipment according to your requirements. High-quality, high-resolution cameras, telecentric lenses and special lighting are used to check the dimensions of the parts.

Appropriate incident lighting and cameras are used to detect scratches, grooves, indentations, coating defects and other surface defects, which make these defects visible and allow the software to evaluate them.

At this time OPTISORT-Inspection Systems can be equipped with up to 10 Inspecting Stations and 32 Cameras.
The heart of the test systems is formed by our own GEFRA developedInspection Software AUTOCONTROL.
Our easy-to-parameterize test tools enable you to do an easy and quick setting up of an inspection test. Operating the system is also mainly intuitive and is supported by a menu-based interface. Together with the automatic positioning of the lighting, stored parameters and the pneumatic disk clamping device, set-up times of less than 5 minutes are possible.

The high performance of the PC hardware and software allows a high output of the system with up to 2,500 parts per minute, even with numerous complex tests. In the last 25 years we have already manufactured more than 400 machines, which still satisfy our customers every day.
OPTISORT systems are equipped with high-quality industrial components and designed in accordance with the current Machinery Directive.

OPTISORT System Structure

Examples of Possible Tests

Machine Types and Accessories
of the OPTISORT Inspection systems of GEFRA