Your Partner for Inspection Systems for Quality Assurance

Since 1995, GEFRA has been developing and manufacturing automatic inspection systems for qualitiy assurance.

GEFRA provides you with reliable, optical testing systems for checking components made of metal and plastic. Depending on the requirement, up to 2,500 parts can be checked and sorted automatically per minute without contact.

An innovative and dynamic team is always at your side with know-how and experience for your special inspection tasks with practice-oriented solutions.

OPTISORT inspection systems made by GEFRA are in use for many years worldwide.
GEFRA is a well-known and leading partner for the fastener industry.


1995 GEFRA (Gesellschaft für Fertigungsrationalisierung) is foundet by the graduate engineer Thomas Rothweiler
1996 Development, construction and delivery of the first OPTISORT
1998 GEFRA is awarded with the Innovation Award of the Federal State of Rheinland-Pfalz for the OPTISORT
1999 New company building in Friedewald, GERMANY
2001 Delivery of the 1st inspection system to the USA
2005 10 Years GEFRA - 150 systems have already been delivered worldwide
2007 Construction of a new 600 m² factory building
2011 Commissioning of a solar system with 53 kWp
2016 Entry of the graduate engineer Dominic Rothweiler as shareholder and managing director

GEFRA Compliance:
Good Cooperation Creates Success

GEFRA attaches great importance to a good and close cooperation with our customers. The implementation of customer requests and the fulfillment of new requirements is an incentive for the constant further development of the inspection systems. Customer service and support have top priority at GEFRA. Only with quality and the best service can you achieve satisfied customers. The long-standing and fair cooperation with suppliers and service providers is the basis for a successful product.

on the Right Track to a Climate-neutral Company

Every machine and system that is used successfully around the world makes an individual contribution to more climate neutrality. Many components and materials come from the local area so that long delivery routes are avoided. The word of innovative ideas, ability and reliability quickly got around among the manufacturers of small parts.
GEFRA is one of the world's leading companies for the production of individual inspection and sorting systems which, depending on the type and requirement, can inspect and sort up to 2,500 parts per minute without contact.

One of the GEFRA mission statements is the resource-saving production towards climate neutrality.

Extensive investments have been made for this purpose: 35% of the solar power produced by the photovoltaic system has been already consumed for internal use since 2011, the additional thermal insulation of the offices and the retrofitting of the assembly hall with LED lighting enable further energy savings, and all heating systems have also been converted to heat pumps.
With a further expansion of photovoltaics, GEFRA plans to cover 100% of its own electricity needs. The investments that have already been made and are still planned were and are an important step towards climate protection.

Social Commitment
is a Matter of the Heart for GEFRA

GEFRA is commited to the assoziations Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. and Kinder in Not e.V. since many years. In this way we would like to give back some of the success we have achieved to the solidarity community.

Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. save lives in 70 countries around the world. For example, in Kenema, the capital city of Sierra Leone, a modern children's clinic has been set up to help children suffering from acute malnutrition.

With support of GEFRA, the construction of "Girls Home" was realized in Brazil in 2020, a place of refuge for endangered girls.