Devices for parts transport

The OPTISORT systems can be supplied complete with parts storage, feeder, inspection cell and filling device.
This creates an overall system that is individually adapted to each customer wish and requirement.

In this way, optimal integration into the existing production process can be achieved. The exchange of necessary data for communication is also easily possible with a GEFRA inspection and sorting system.

Examples of Bunker Systems

Different versions of parts storage are possible depending on the requirements.

  • Bunkers of different sizes
  • custom systems
  • conveyor belts
  • and much more

can be integrated into our systems.

Feeding Devices

The feeding devices are designed according to the spectrum of parts.

The parts to be tested are fed into the inspection cell in the correct orientation.

Feeding Device for Washers
Feeding Device for Sleeves
Feeding Device for Screws
High Speed Feeder for Nuts

Filling Device

Various Devices are available for transporting or packaging the tested parts, which can also be controlled via the software AUTOCONTROL of the OPTISORT system.

For example:
  • KLT containers
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bag
  • and much more
can be filled automatically.

... or a simple discharge belt fills your logistics system on site. The OPTISORT can also communicate with an existing logistics system or your operational data acquisition system.
Discharge Belt
The discharge belt is used for storage of tested parts in non-stop operation when changing containers.

Examples for Filling Devices

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