about GEFRA


about GEFRA

Check long pieces of pipe and flange nuts on a system

If the range of parts to be tested is a challenge, the GEFRA specialists demonstrate their skills.

GEFRA In-House Exhibition 2023

After a long break due to Corona, many interested visitors from Germany and abroad came to the exhibition of the OPTISORT innovations in Friedewald in October.

Filling Devices for Packaging of Cardboard Boxes and KLT Containers

GEFRA offers you various filling devices to supplement the inspection system, for a quantity precise packaging of the sorted parts. 

OPTICON, a Stand Alone Test Bench for OPTISORT Inspection Systems

The OPTICON test bench is used for pre inspection and feasibility studies.

The periphery of the inspection and sorting system comes from GEFRA, too

The performance of a system is largely determined by the peripheral systems.

High Speed Inspection and Sorting System for Rivets

1100 parts per minute, this specification had to be met.

Under Head Surface Inspection

"We need a system that can also inspect the surface underneath the screw head."

React to Changes

At the beginning, the range of parts is not always precisely defined, then a flexible testing system that can be quickly adapted to new conditions is required.

High End Inspection and Sorting System

One of our systems was equipped with a large number of different test stations, with which dimensional tests, SFS surface tests, contour tests and hardness tests can be carried out in one single system.

GEFRA OptiSort with a new High Speed Feeding System for nuts

Our latest development is the GEFRA High Speed Feeding System specialized and designed for fast feeding of nuts and washers into our OPTISORT inspection and sorting machines.

GEFRA OptiSort OSTmini
Inspection and sorting system for small and tiny components

The GEFRA OptiSort OSTmini is specially designed to inspect and sort small and even the smallest screws and fasteners.

Individuality meets standardization

GEFRA, as the manufacturer and developer of the OptiSort inspection and sorting machines, manufactures individual solutions based on its own standard machine construction kit.

OPTISORT with the next Generation SFS Technology

We continuously improve our systems for the benefits of our customers, therefore we have advanced our SFS System (SFS = shape from shading) and are able to include all necessary components into a smaller camera system including the extensive lighting.

OPTISORT ST580 Inspection Systems for high speed

The new generation of the control system OPTISORT comes with up to ten image acquisition stations including all together up to 16 cameras.

Inspection System Enhanced for Today’s Demands

The high demands of the end customer make it neccessary to expand the possibilities of the inspection criteria. Today it is not enough to measure the parts and inspect the surface for scratches, coating defects and cracks.

Inspection Systems for Highest Demands

Since 1995, GEFRA GmbH of Germany, has been developing and manufacturing inspection systems for automotive and aircraft fasteners as well as other bulk products. 

OPTISORT® – State of the Art Inspection System for Fastener

Based on the approved OPTISORT® product lines and technologies GEFRA offers highly automated and safe measuring, checking and sorting solutions with an output of up to 1000 parts per minute and more and also peripheral equipment and solutions for a comfortable daily work.

360° inspection with OPTISORT

GEFRA offers a real 360° surround inspection with 4 cameras to inspect the surface of round parts to find coating defects, head cracks and external thread damage. One of the big advantages of the GEFRA system is that the parts run continuously with a speed up to 600 parts per minute.