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OPTISORT – optical inspection systems

OPTISORT inspection systems are individually equipped with the necessary components according to your requirements. For the accurate measurement of geometrical values, only top-quality high resolution cameras, telecentric optics, and special lighting are used. Depending on the range of parts being tested on such a system, a repeatability of measured numbers to 0.002 mm can be reached.

For the detection of scratches, groves, dents, coating errors, and other surface defects, additional image acquisition positions with reflected light and cameras are applied to make the errors visible by contrast and evaluable for the software.

OPTISORT – inspection systems can be equipped with up to 16 cameras in up to 7 positions.

The heart of the inspection system is the software package AUTOCONTROL, an in-house product of GEFRA.

Using the modular software tools, the setup of a new inspection task and the handling of the whole system is very quick and efficient.

The high performance of the PC hardware and software enables an output of the systems up to 1800 parts per minute. 

The OPTISORT systems are equipped with high-quality components for industrial use, made by well-known vendors and meet all requirements for CE labeling.