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Inspection Systems for Highest Demands

OTST 580 / 360° system from

In-line eddy current inspection.

Samples of parts inspected and
measured using OPTISORT
equipment available from

Since 1995, GEFRA GmbH of Germany, has been developing and manufacturing inspection systems for automotive and aircraft fasteners as well as other bulk products. Most of the wellknown worldwide fastener companies trust in the OPTISORT system available from GEFRA. 

GEFRA offers the OTST line for screw inspection from micro screws M1.4 up to the big size M16 including all the options demanded by the customer. These machines are made for a very broad range of screws. Sizes from M5 to M14 as well as shaft lengths from 15 to 120 mm can be inspected with an easy and short setup on each machine.

High speeds up to 1500 ppm are possible along with continuous 360° thread inspection. Eddy current system technology is utilized for checking hardness.

In-Line Eddy Current Inspection 
Integrated to the OPTISORT systemsis an in-line eddy current system checking for hardness presence, on a yes/no basis. With this system, a main problem associated with transport and packaging processes, the mixing of parts with different hardness grades, can be quickly and efficiently solved.

GEFRA OPTISORT systems ensure an effi cient 100% automatic quality control where a cost-effi cient and zero ppm error quote is needed. More than 330 systems all over the world are speaking in the GEFRA company’s favor.

High Tech & Easy to Use
GEFRA OPTISORT systems offer a wide range of state-of-the-art applications for measuring dimensions on fasteners like washers, nuts, screws, springs, bolts, etc. Using diff erent imaging and illumination technologies, complex geometric measurements and inspections for damage such as scratches, dents, points of impact, cracks, errors in color and surface coatings and much more can be realized.