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OPTISORT® – with "SFS" technology

A: Motorized lift for the 
automatic adjustment of the position
der Position im Prüfplan
B: SFS Camera
C: SFS lightning

Washers with small defects

Broken rings

Screws with different kind of surface

SFS and 360° inspection with high speed

Up to 300 parts per minute

Shape from shading "SFS"
In the shape-from-shading method, four grey value images of a surface are taken with illumination from
various directions in space. Using the differences in the grey values, images of the surface are calculated
which reflect the spatial structure, as well as texture. However, with the shape-from-shading process you do
not receive any explicit height values, but only information regarding incline and curvature of the surface. For
his reason, this technique is quite suitable for surface inspection.

The big advantage of shape-from-shading is in the fact that with highly reflective surfaces, topology features can be clearly separated from texture (brightness) characteristics and high-resolution intensity images can be created.

The screws are mixed in total different surface, from silver to black but with SFS it will be easy to find the defects without fail rejections.

The share of fail rejections are considerably reduced with the use of the SFS technology and the feasibility of defect detection is significantly increased.