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AUTOCONTROL – The software core of OPTISORT systems

The impressive range of tools ensures comprehensive measurement of units under test (UUT).

AUTOCONTROL comes with an intuitive user interface, each user can start immediately without extensive training.

The "plug-in tool" concept of AUTOCONTROL enables the operator to select, activate and use pre-configured inspection routines. No cumbersome adjusting or customization work.

The "all-in-one" concept of the Optisort Inspection System in conjunction with an integrated control software guarantees a continuous inspection process. The workflow is documented consistently and meticulously by a statistical report.

The various challenges in production and part-specific problems are overcome with confidence thanks to sophisticated algorithms and perfectly matching hardware.

In a modern production process the time taken for evaluation plays a vital role: the "tools" available in AUTOCONTROL are optimized for speed in the inspection process despite the inevitable complexity of system operations.

More than 100 measurement and testing tools (system dependent) are available to create an individual, product-specific testing plan. This includes all the necessary measuring and testing information, settings and parameters such as nominal and calibration values, tolerances, measurement definitions, error characteristics and parameters of the supply and packaging systems.

By loading testing plans again, prior measurement and control tasks can be restarted or resumed.

A comprehensive number of functions for counters, statistical functions, production data acquisition and applications for service and support complete the software package.

All inputs, data and adjustments are stored automatically and important data sets can be exported for further external processing. An integration into the customer's IT infrastructure is always possible.

An optional remote maintenance function over the Internet enables a fast and uncomplicated mode of support and advice for customers in setting up measurement and testing tasks.

The AUTOCONTROL software is continually evolving thanks to GEFRA's specialists and both customer and product-specific adaptations are possible. Software updates enable customers to stay on the cutting edge of technology.