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OPTISORT® inspecting and packaging

Fig. 1: OPTISORT ST sorting
system for screws with
packaging unit for SLC and
paper boxes.

Fig. 2. Different fastener
elements checked by GEFRA
OPTISORT systems.

Fig. 3: Rotary transfer filler
for cardboards.

Fig. 4: OPTISORT N control
systems for nuts with buffer,
feeder, control unit, and
filling station.

Fig. 5: Part buffer for
unobstructed box change.

Fig. 6: Automatic lifting
unit for heavy boxes.

The GEFRA Company is actually facing up to this requirements and offers flexible costumer- and product-specific solutions, based on their approved OPTISORT® product lines and technologies.

Measuring, checking and sorting are possible with an output of up to 1000 parts per minute and more.

GEFRA – Inspection systems made in Germany

Since 1995, the GEFRA Company is developing and manufacturing inspection systems for automotive and aircraft fasteners.

GEFRA OPTISORT systems ensure an efficient 100 percent automatic quality control where a cost efficient and zero ppm error quote is needed.

More than 200 systems all over the world are speaking in the GEFRA Company’s favor.

Applications for the fastener world

GEFRA OPTISORT systems offer a wide range of application for measuring dimensions on fasteners like washers, nuts, screws, springs, bolts etc.

Using different imaging and illumination tech- nologies, complex geometric measurements, inspections for damages like scratches, dents, points of impact, cracks, errors in color and surface coatings can be realized.

The approved PC-based system software AUTOCONTROL made by GEFRA itself does the image processing and generates the IO/NIO decision with the help of an individual quality control plane, which includes all important parameters of the part.

Packaging at its best The OPTISORT control systems can be added very easy to the end of the costumer’s production line as a standalone component. For this, a lot of opportunities in part buffer storage and transport, part alignment, separation, and feeding are available.

After the inspection and sorting process the parts can be filled into several types of bins.

First, with all systems a use of bulk containers is possible. Further, an additional filling device can be attached to every OPTISORT system.

The most prevalent version contains a convey- or belt for SLC and cardboard boxes like shown in Fig. 4. After filling a box nd an automatic box change, the filled box take its way on a roller conveyor to the withdrawal position. Different lengths of conveyors are available.

This and all other devices can be completed by a buffer device like shown in Fig. 5. This buffer stores sorted parts while a bin change and the system can check parts without any interruption of sorting by this process.

Wherever space is limited rotary transfer fillers can be applied. On a round table different kind and numbers of bins can be placed. These devices are available for SLC, boxes and also plastic bags. Individual designed versions for special customer demands can be realized by the GEFRA.

To improve the ergonomics of the sorting and filling system all linear filling systems can be equipped with a lift unit to bring the filled boxes in a comfortable height for the withdrawal position like to see in Fig. 6.

All WINDOWS-based versions of the AUTOCONTROL software are prepared to control these filling devises. Of course different kind of counter functionalities can be used during the sorting and filling process.

Finally all GEFRA OPITSORT systems can be equipped with a label printer system. Controlled by the AUTOCONTROL software for every box or bag an individual label can be automatically created and applied by hand after printout.

All in one’s 

The GEFRA product portfolio is complemented by a wide spectrum of offers in the fields of service, maintenance and training.

A high availability of spare parts and a short reaction time to all cases around a sorting system is guaranteed by the GEFRA team.

So the GEFRA Company is a reliable partner for all-in-one’s quality applications in the field of fastener manufacturing.

Also in future the GEFRA Company from Friedewald, Germany, will offer their national and international customers flexible, and robust state-of-the-art solutions and services for their quality control and packaging applications.